Sunday Mornings 10:15am-11:15am

We have a nursery for kids ages 6 months-3 years old where you can attend to your kids needs in a safe environment.


In our Buzzy Bees pre-school Sunday School class, ages 3-6, your kids will learn the Bible through age-appropriate activities like stories, crafts, media, and action songs that reinforce Biblical truths.


At different times our Buzzy Bees may join our older kids for group worship, prayer, and for Super Church services with group action songs, puppets, games, and object lessons.


Sunday Mornings 10:15am-11:15am

In our Treasure Hunters elementary age Sunday School class, ages 7-11, they get to play games, experience dynamic worship, work on a Bible memory verse, learn an Biblical object lessons, and have a time of prayer.


At different times our Treasure Hunters may join our other Sunday School classes for group worship, prayer, and for Super Church services with group action songs, puppets, games, and object lessons.


Sunday Mornings 10:15am-11:15am

Acts 29: The Next Chapter is our Youth Ministry. The Books of Acts only has 28 chapters, however, we believe that the Book of Acts is very alive today which is why we are Acts 29: the next chapter, keeping the fire as found in the Book of Acts alive today!


No matter who you are or where you come from, you are welcome in our family.  Whether it's through student led small groups, worship services, or just having fun, we know that we are better together.

Besides our activites on Sunday mornings

check out the Events Calender for up to date information regarding special events for all of our age groups!

This includes special services, camps, conventions, rallies, and game nights!


Sunday Mornings 10:15am-11:15am

The Adult Sunday School Class is a special time of teaching and discipleship training that is geared for mature Christians.


The class is taught by very capable teachers that help the class to have a deeper understanding of the scriptures. The goal is to lead each and everyone into a stronger faith and walk with God.


While our Adult Sunday Class is taught in a way where everyone can learn something from each lesson, we do offer the opportunity to recieve teaching on a one on one/family level through our

Home Bible Studies.


Tuesdays 3:30pm and 6:30pm

Our Tuesday Bible Studies are a special time of teaching and training and are taught by very capable teachers that help the those in attendence to have a deeper understanding of the scriptures.

We offer both a 3:30 and a 6:30 Bible Study so that members and guests can choose a time that fits best within their schedule. Also, For those who do not feel comfortable driving at night have a option to come at 3:30 during the day.

If there is another time that might work for you feel free to connect with us for a Home Bible Study!

We also have a Home Bible Study that meets in Westland on Tuesdays at 6:30pm! See "Westland Bible Study" below!


We believe that everyone is a piece of God's Masterpiece Puzzle and every single piece of the puzzle is worth investing into.


If you are desiring a better understanding of the Bible we are willing to meet with you at your convenience and lead you to a strong foundational understanding of the Bible.


Picking up a Bible for the first time can be overwhelming for some. We can help you understand how to read and understand the scriptures through a personal one on one/family Bible study.


This is taught on your level and at your pace. Fill out a contact form today to get started!


Sundays 11:15am & 6:30pm

Tuesdays 6:15pm



We have prayer 15 minutes before every service. The first 10 minutes we praise the Lord, we thank the Lord, we ask for provision, for protection, for passion, and for His purpose or will in our lives and in the service.


The last 5 minutes we take time to worship the Lord by magnifying HIM with everything we have! This leads us into worship in a very special way!


It makes a difference in every service! We encourage you to join us!



We have a prayer meeting once a month in our Section that is rotated among our churches and all church members are welcome to attend this prayer.


The Michigan District of the UPCI is divided up into 10 Sections and here in Flat Rock we are a part of Section 3 which includes all of Monroe and Lenawee Countys, southern Wayne and  Washtenaw Countys.


We take time to meet with the other churches in our Section and we bring our petitions to the Lord by having several people take part in focused prayer. It brings us into unity and there is a feeling of peace when you know many other churches are covering this church in prayer daily and we are covering them daily in prayer as well!


First Monday of Every Month

Our church is planting a Point of Light in East Dearborn through a monthly prayer meeting in the city.


God placed a burden in our hearts and souls to make a difference in the city of East Dearborn. We meet once a month to pray for the people and the area for God to put a desire in their heart to want more of HIM in their lives.


We are believing for greater things to come in East Dearborn!

Check out the Events Calender for our full Prayer Schedule!


  Rejoice In Sowing is about intentionally "planting seeds" through the week and praying God will guide you to"divine appointments".


Some ways you can "plant a seed" are inviting someone to church, sharing your testimony with someone, and praying for someone in person or on the phone!


A "divine appointment" is when you are at a certain place at a certain time and have a encounter with someone that you know only God could have orchestrated like bumping into someone getting a gallon of milk and inviting them to church!


In order to see the harvest God is going to give us in Flat Rock we must be intentional about planting seeds every day! "Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant." Robert Louis Stevenson


Tuesdays 6:30pm

Under the direction of Rev. Eric Moore and his family, a Home Bible Study takes place in their home in Westland on Tuesday at 6:30pm.


They are reaching into the neighborhood in which they live. They are making a spiritual impact in their community.


Many of them are not able to drive to Flat Rock so they are a part of the Westland outreach.


If you would like more information on how to be a part of our Westland Bible Study fill out a contact form today!



Our church gives to many different offerings that supports many different kinds of Mission endeavors throughout the year.

These offerings not only affect what happens locally, but also affects what happens on a state, a national, and a global level!

To find out what these different offerings are, what they support, and how you can be a part through your giving can all be found on our giving page!

You can also check out our Giving Updates section which explains our progress to giving to these different offerings depending on what our current focuses are!